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continuation day?

Currency Data:

  • Diverge Currencies: ++GBP, +AUD, -NZD, –EUR
  • Asia Events: Home Loans [AUD], Foreign Direct Investment [CNH]

08:12 Sell AUDJPY

08:21 accidentally sold too large on the scale in, setting a hard stop on previous high

08:31 somethings is wrong with my Video Capture card, have to restart the Computers…

08:44 stoped out on AUDJPY

09:16 Re-Sell AUDJPY

10:19 manually closing AUDJPY as AUD already hits the vWap

10:24 Buy Cable

15:04 stoped out on GBPUSD

15:03 Sell EURJPY

15:52 stoped out on EURJPY

15:54 Buy DAX

16:15 close DAX on target

17:55 Sell DAX

18:39 reverse DAX to Buy

18:51 close once loss is paid for

19:35 late entry on GBPJPY

22:05 closing all GBPJPY on R1, since trading is SO SLOW today and I do not wanna risk it anymore

Total Today: 0%

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