773 | +1.628% | 3 Setups | BTCUSD GBPUSD GBPJPY

Toilet paper eh ?

Currency Data:

  • Diverge Currencies: ++NZD, +AUD, -CAD, –USD
  • Asia Events: Business Confidence [AUD] , CPI  [CNH]
  • Bank Holidays: India

08:09 Sell GBPJPY

08:57 Stop out of GBPJPY

09:06 re-enter GBPJPY Sell

10:02 buy vWap GBPJPY

11:30 closing GBPJPY as Cable drops below vWap, the original target of 165.6 is still very much in play.

12:09 Sell GBPUSD on the vWap

12:41 Stop out GBPUSD

12:54 quick sell back to the vWap on GBPUSD, got half my loss back

12:49 re-sell GBPUSD

13:05 reverse GBPUSD to buy with a small profit

13:06 Stop out on GBPUSD Buy

13:10 Buying some Bitcoin

15:26 set TLS on BTCUSD

15:43 Buy AUDJPY

15:46 TSL stoped out of Bitcoin with a small loss

16:12 trailing out of GBPJPY, as the Nikkei shows some weakness on Economic news.

Livestream did Cut Out .. New Stream starts here …

19:28 Sell AUDUSD on the vWap

19:33 Sell GBPJPY (small position only for later)

20:09 close GBPJPY, the target was a bit higher than vWap because the H&S target is higher and there is previous horizontal support.

20:11 closed AUDUSD via Trailing stop once it hit the first target

20:29 re-sell GBPJPY

20:36 close GBPJPY via TSL

22:29 Sell GBPJPY

22:48 target hit on GBPJPY

Total Today: +1.628%

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