774 | +1.346% | 3 Setups | GBPJPY EURJPY AUDUSD

super late (again)

Currency Data:

  • Diverge Currencies: ++CHF, +NZD, -JPY, –GBP
  • Asia Events: BCoronavirus Task Force Press Briefing, Investment Lending for Homes [AUD]

12:48 starting very late, AUD seems to make a run up to the structural top, starting to sell

14:26 Sell EURJPY

14:45 Closing all AUDUSD and EURJPY for a small profit

15:51 Sell GBPUSD (very small stop)

16:03 stop out GBPUSD

16:11 re-enter GBPUSD on Resistance

16:28 reverse GBPUSD to Buy

17:01 Hedging GBPUSD due to Carney Speech

17:21 close Hedge sell add to Buy on GBPUSD

17:24 Take Profit filled on GBPUSD

17:38 Sell GBPJPY with a wide stop off M15

17:51 accidentally activated TSL on GBPJPY when I synced the stop the last time, got stopped out with a tiny profit

19:54 Buy GBPJPY

20:05 reverse GBPJPY to Sell

20:48 turned the GBPJPY trade into a scalp Fest on 9Tick chart

21:22 Buy GBPJPY

21:57 enable TSL on GBPJPY

22:06 done playing with the tick charts … closing all positions for today

23:30 TSL closed my GBPJPY .. didn’t pay attention as I was trying to talk some sense in another trader

Total Today: +1.346%

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