776 | +1.01% | 3 Setups | GBPAUD AUDJPY USDJPY

still down?

Currency Data:

  • Diverge Currencies: ++CHF, +NZD, -JPY, –GBP
  • Asia Events: Business NZ PMI [NZD], Foreign Direct Investment [CNH]

09:39 Sell USDJPY

09:48 Stop out on USDJPY

09:51 re-sell USDJPY

10:35 reverse USDJPY to buy

stop out on USDJPY

reversed, stoped out again.

11:09 one last buy entry before I pull the plug on USDJPY

11:32 hedging everything

11:41 Sell AUDJPY

11:48 Stopped out on AUDJPY

12:02 close hedge sell on USDJPY, setting hard stop
this will be the last trade of today when it fails as well

13:04 close all USDJPY positions via TSL

13:43 Sell USDJPY

13:49 close USDJPY before target on a horizontal support level

16:36 Buy USDJPY

16:43 that was a bad idea, changed my mind about USDJPY

16:58 re-enter USDJPY Buy

19:00 re-buy GBPAUD

19:35 stop out of GBPAUD

20:07 quick tick chart scalp on DAX to get my loss back 🙂

Total Today: +1.01%

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