778 | +1.388% | 3 Setups | AUDJPY GBPUSD GBPJPY

early bird today ..

Currency Data:

  • Diverge Currencies: ++NZD, +JPY, -EUR, –CAD
  • Asia Events: RBA Meeting Minutes [AUD], Industrial Production [JPY]
  • Bank Holidays: Ireland

08:07 Sell GBPJPY

08:23 Sell GBPUSD

08:43 manually closing GBPJPY

10:14 Sell AUDJPY with a HUGE Stop

10:47 Scale in on GBPUSD since this is not gonna work

11:00 close GBPUSD on the vWap with a small profit

11:26 scale in AUDJPY on vWap

12:04 Buy AUDJPY

13:36 start sell AUDJPY

13:57 the gamble didn’t work, taking the larger loss on AUDJPY

16:09 hedging AUDJPY

16:57 closing Buy-side with a small loss

17:02 closing AUDJPY


Total Today: 1.388%

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