779 | +2.253% | 5 Setups | EURJPY DAX GBPUSD GBPJPY AUDJPY

AUD hit the 2008 low!

Currency Data:

  • Diverge Currencies: ++USD, +JPY, -AUD, –EUR
  • Asia Events: Westpac Leading Index [AUD], Trade Balance Total [JPY]

The Australian Dollar Just hit the 2008 Low point (remember the 2008 crash?)

10:37 Buy AUDJPY

10:42 Buy GBPJPY, realized shortly after what it did hit the Weekly vWap shortly before, so this may not go up much. (thanks to LaRitter)

10:55 close GBPJPY on nearby Resistance

11:51 Stop out on AUDJPY

11:53 re-enter AUDJPY Buy

11:55 Buy GBPUSD

12:36 close GBPUSD

12:56 close AUDJPY with some profit early

13:34 Fomo gone wrong ! on AUDJPY

14:18 Revenge on DAX gone right 😛

14:27 Sell AUDUSD

14:39 re-sell DAX

14:54 Target hit on AUDUSD

15:37 Sell EURJPY

16:33 Hedge DAX

17:15 close Hedge Buy on DAX (placing Buy stop at the same level)

20:35 Hedging DAX prior News

22:54 close Buy side of hedge with a Profit

23:15 close all DAX positions

Total Today: +2.253%

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