780 | +1.021% | 5 Setups | GOLD DAX EURUSD EURJPY AUDJPY

new early day

Currency Data:

  • Diverge Currencies: ++USD, +EUR, -GBP, –NZD
  • Asia Events: BoJ Monetary Policy Meeting Minutes [JPY] , RBA Rate Statement [AUD]
  • Bank Holidays: Columbia

6:21 Sell AUDJPY

07:02AUDJPY stoped out, as Indicies rise up due to ECB Corona Care package

07:06 re-enter AUDJPY with same stop (expecting this to be a fake)

07:33 stoped out again on AUDJPY

07:33 re-sell AUDJPY

08:51 Sell vWap on EURJPY

08:59 stop out on EURJPY (that went bad real fast)

it hit the Weekly vWap on the last bounce .. maybe that’s why

09:03 re-enter EURJPY

10:06 close EURJPY

10:09 Sell GBPJPY and EURUSD

10:12 Stop out on GBPJPY

09:24 re-sell GBPJPY

10:24 Stop out GBPJPY

11:42 close EURUSD Early due to news

14:16 close EURUSD in a loss & buy DAX

there seems to be serious liquidity issues on the DAX right now, trying to exit.

14:29 hedging DAX at almost breakeven

14:40 reverse hedge sell on DAX

14:54 target hit on DAX

15:51 Buy AUDUSD on vWap

16:03 Close AUDUSD on Horizontal level

17:24 Buy GOLD on vWap

17:30 Stop out on GOLD

17:32 Buy DAX

18:03 reverse DAX to sell

18:03 take profit as the liquidity is very thin, just get my loss back and move on

18:18 quick Scalp on the DAX to round up the numbers

21:02 Buy NASDAQ (probably a bad idea as they talk about recession on the news)

21:17 close NASDAQ via TSL

21:25 quick scalp on the DAX to get my money back .. worked fine 😉


Total Today: +1.021%

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