795 | +1.462% | 4 Setups | GBPJPY EURJPY EURUSD AUDJPY

Oil War still in Progress

Currency Data:

  • Diverge Currencies: ++AUD, +NZD, -CAD, –EUR
  • Asia Events: Card Retail Sales [AUD], Governor Kuroda speech [JPY]
  • Bank Holidays: Denmark, Iceland, Columbia

06:59 Buy AUDJPY

09:34 stop out AUDJPY

10:05 Sell EURJPY (also accidentally sold EURUSD)

10:51 scaling in to EURUSD

11:25 stopout EURUSD

11:26 Hedging EURJPY

11:28 closing EURJPY Sell (maybe too early, still very close to vWap)

13:18 reversing all buy Positions to sell and add 50% size on EURJPY

14:09 close EURJPY before weekly vWap

14:48 sell GBPJPY

15:03 Reverse GBPJPY to Buy

15:53 close GBPJPY prior to news (original target is about 13 pips higher)

20:33 quick News scalp on AUDJPY

Total Today: +1.462%

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