798 | +0.78% | 4 Setups | DAX EURUSD USDCAD EURJPY

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Currency Data:

  • Diverge Currencies: ++AUD, +JPY, -EUR, –CHF
  • Asia Events: House Price Index [AUD], Trade Balance [CNH]

08:20 Sell EURJPY

09:24 stop out EURJPY

09:25 quick scalp on USDCAD

09:33 stop out USDCAD

09:36 reverse the rest of the EURJPY positions and add to it (revenge)

09:54 close all EURJPY on the first target, the final target is 117.84

14:16 Sell EURUSD to weekly vWap

14:26 buy DAX

14:37 stop out DAX

14:39 buy EURUSD

14:48 close buy and sell on EURUSD

15:09 re-Buy EURUSD

15:38 accidentally closed all trades (was setting a StreamDeck function)

15:39 re-enter EURUSD Buy

15:48 closing EURUSD on vWap (the plan was to hold it longer, but the position is too big)

Total Today: +0.767%

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