833 | +0.849% | 2 Setups | DAX AUDJPY

late start in the day

Currency Data:

  • Diverge Currencies: ++CAD, +GBP, -EUR, –CHF
  • Asia Events: Real Retail Sales [CHF], Unemployment [CHF/EUR]
  • Bank Holidays: Italy

12:46 Buy AUDJPY (not a good setup as AUD is still below vWap)

14:18 scale in on AUDJPY and move the stop below structure

16:16 close AUDJPY on TP1 (TP2: 73.625 TP3: 73.825)

16:52 quick scalp on GBPJPY (very small size, just tested the mirroring)

17:09 buy DAX

18:09 exit DAX early (triple top)

Total Today: +0.849%

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