857 | -0.21% | 4 Setups | EURJPY DAX AUDJPY GBPJPY

very late start in the First Weekday

Currency Data:

  • Diverge Currencies: ++EUR, +AUD, -JPY, –GBP
  • EU Events: Factory Orders [EUR], Investor Confidence [EUR]

12:07 late entry in GBPJPY

12:55 Buy AUDJPY

13:10 scaling in and move stop on GBPJPY

13:21 Buy DAX

14:19 scaling in AUDJPY & GBPJPY

15:21 close DAX

16:08 hedging GBPJPY

16:48 buy EURJPY

16:54 stop out AUDJPY

17:00 reverse GBPJPY (very early as it could still fail)

17:03 stop out EURJPY

17:45 close GBPJPY breakeven

18:52 ill call it a day, there is too much stuff going on here (kids in the house) .. can’t really concentrate.
(i may be back in the US session)

Total Today: -0.21%

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