873 | -0.643% | 1 Setup | GBPJPY

it's a holiday here, markets open anyway :)

Currency Data:

  • Diverge Currencies: ++EUR, +GBP, -CHF, –USD
  • Asia Events: Total Filled Jobs [NZD]

08:13 buy GBPJPY

10:17 scaling in GBPJPY on vWap and move stop below
it as GBPUSD appears to be weak

10:44 close GBPJPY manually

12:07 re-buy GBPJPY on structural Support

13:07 move SL on GBPJPY to 135.639

13:26 stop out most of the GBPJPY Buy’s
reversing one position open with a stop above structure

13:37 reversing GBPJPY again

15:31 stop out GBPJPY

failed everything today on GBPJPY, literally rookie trading
selling bottoms & buying tops)

calling it a day, before this is getting expensive!

Total Today: -0.643%

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