880 | +0.742% | 2 Setups | DAX EURJPY

had abad night, will take it slow today

Currency Data:

  • Diverge Currencies: ++CAD, +USD, -NZD, –JPY
  • Asia Events: RBNZ Inflation Expectations (QoQ) [NZD]
  • EU Events: BoE Interest Rate Decision [GBP]

feeling not so well today (bad headache) will keep it slow

8:49 fomo buy EURJPY

9:51 reversing EURJPY to Sell

12:49 reverse EURJPY

14:10 British new’s saved the day, closing all

16:09 quick Buyu DAX

16:34 stop out DAX, reversing

16:44 looks like the MA on M15 is holding the DAX (double loss?)

18:31 closing all .. as the loss was paid (and I had some issues with the account I mirror)

Total Today: +0.742%

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