900 | +0.647% | AUDJPY EURUSD USDZAR

no more setup count!

Currency Data:

it’s day 900, I decided not to count setups anymore

8:54 Sell AUDJPY on vWap

9:14 close AUDJPY as AUD hit minor support

10:34 quick sell EURUSD

10:47 TP reached on EURUSD

11:06 re-sell AUDJPY

12:15 accidentally selling another Million AUD in the AUDJPY position, this will end up VERY expensive .. watching it closely

closing AUDJPY early…
glad I got out of that one! original target 77.591

12:54 re-sell AUDJPY (very small)

13:31 TP AUDJPY on minor Support

14:30 quick scalp on the DAX

14:44 close all

16:34 playing with ZAR a bit

huge Spreads eating away most profits, not somethings to scalp on…

Total Today: +0.647%

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