901 | +0.552% | AUDJPY USDCAD EURUSD

NFP-Friday (expect nothing)

Currency Data:

  • Diverge Currencies: ++USD, +NZD, -JPY, –EUR
  • Asia Events: Retail Sales [AUD]
  • US Events: Nonfarm Payrolls [USD]

8:51 Buy AUDJPY to 77.254 and 77.352

thanks to my shitty Keyboard i bought 1million AUD instead of 100k, closing at the high instead of the target

9:06 scaling out 90% of AUDJPY and enable TSL 2

10:39 Sell USDCAD on vWap

10:46 reversing USDCAD (it’s just noise)

10:55 closing AUDJPY scale positions for a small loss

11:34 total loss of liquidity, we literally trading noise now …

12:16 Sell EURUSD near vWap

13:32 close EURUSD Manually with a tiny profit

13:36 close USDCAD as it reached the resistance of the m15 Wedge

15:56 quick 4 pips on EURUSD (with zero drawdown 🙂 )

16:04 buy into the USDCAD Drop from the London opening
likely to drop more (so keep it small)

19:08 looks like pre-NFP Price action is already in effect,
placing a sell stop below the support on USDCAD

20:38 closing USDCAD on NFP volatility

Total Today: +0.552%

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