903 | +0.544% | GBPJPY AUDJPY EURJPY

still short from Yesterday

Currency Data:

  • Diverge Currencies: ++EUR, +AUD, -GBP, –CHF
  • Asia Events: GDP [JPY], Bank’s Business Confidence [AUD]

Somehow part of my short position got Stop out on Rollover
very annoying as the level was never reached)

8:28 scaling back into AUDJPY Sell

8:51 sell GBPJPY on vwap

9:20 moving stops on GBPJPY & AUDJPY

10:47 strange price movements on EUR and CAD, moving stops on AUDJPY & GBPJPY

12:14 buy EURJPY

12:31 change my mind, closing EURJPY

12:43 closing all, don’t l, like it anymore
GBPJPY target would have been around 139.189
The AUDJPY target was around 77.196

12:52 bit of scalping GBPJPY

14:38 some Microlotting in the Premarket volatility on GBPJPY

Total Today: +0.544%

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