905 | +0.611% | GBPUSD AUDJPY

early start

Currency Data:

  • Diverge Currencies: ++CHF, +AUD, -JPY, –USD
  • Asia Events: Foreign Investment [JPY], Consumer Inflation Expectations [AUD]

07:56 buying AUDJPY Pre-Tokyo

9:13 reversing to Sell on AUDJPY
(probably a bad idea as there is sorta-support on M15)

10:33 Sell GBPUSD on vwap (low probability)

10:54 stop out GBPUSD

13:18 reversing AUDJPY

13:32 scaling in on AUDJPY

14:18 start selling AUDJPY

14:32 closing AUDJPY Buy positions

15:09 closing short positions on AUDJPY
most of the limit orders were never filled, the position was extremely small
the original target on AUDJPY was 76.890

Total Today: +0.593%

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