910 | +0.772% | EURJPY GBPJPY

late (again), this is becomming a thing eh ?

Currency Data:

  • Diverge Currencies: ++USD, +JPY, -AUD, –EUR
  • Asia Events: Gross Domestic Product [NZD], Unemployment [AUD]
  • EU: some serious Brexit stuff seems to evolve .. be careful on EUR and GBP Positions! 

8:31 late entry GBPJPY

8:45 full-size scale in GBPJPY at the vwap

9:32 AUD News pushing indices (Better than expected)
Selling the tops on GBPJPY

11:16 closing GBPJPY at a nearby support
went straight to the target while i was making the screenshot 🙁

12:51 quick scalp on GBPJPY

13:05 stop out GBPJPY

13:09 revenge entry via mobile on GBPJPY

13:44 quick sell EURJPY

13:49 closing EURJPY Sell with no profit

14:03 closing everything Breakeven (ish)

17:42 closing big hedgefest on GBPJPY that made only the broker money .. (haha)
well added 0.02% to the pile .. so we good, just a waste of time

Total Today: +0.772%

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