915 | +0.653% | AUDJPY GBPJPY

late start (again)

9:34 let’s try a breakout trade on AUDJPY

9:48 as usual, breakouts don’t work,
reversing AUDJPY with maximum drawdown .. great start isn’t it

10:11 buy GBPJPY, very tight stop,
as GBPUSD just testing vwap from below suggesting a sell

10:14 closing GBPJPY as Cable seems to hold and AUD starts to drop

11:30 closing AUDJPY on first TP

13:52 very small re-sell on GBPJPY

14:35 closing GBPJPY sell early prior news
original Targets 133.578, 133.290

16:55 some test scalping on GBPJPY

Total Today: +0.653%

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