917 | +1.226% | AUDJPY EURJPY USDCAD

early monday bird

Currency Data:

  • Diverge Currencies: ++AUD, +EUR, -GBP, –USD
  • Asia Events: Total Filled Jobs [AUD], Leading Economic Index [JPY]

6:39 tiny short position on AUDJPY (not worth mentioning)

8:27 scaling in AUDJPY

9:38 Sell EURJPY on vWap (quite a large stop)

9:45 selling USDCAD to compensate drawdown a little

9:50 scaling in on USDCAD

10:09 enable TSP on AUDJPY

10:11 Stop out AUDJPY, reversing EURJPY to Buy

10:22 scaling in USDCAD

10:50 reverse EURJPY

internet went down .. will upload full recording later ..

11:25 close EURJPY Breakeven

11:29 re-buy AUDJPY

13:39 reversing AUDJPY

13:53 stop out USDCAD

16:37 buy USDCAD

16:41 Stop out USDCAD

17:14 trailing AUDJPY

17:26 re-buy USDCAD

17:41 sell AUDUSD

17:42 stop out USDCAD

18:07 closing everything, time to start over.

18:27 start re-buy AUDJPY

close all on resistance

Total Today: +1.226%

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