930 | +1.862% | AUDJPY GBPJPY GOLD

On time today, and still late ...

Currency Data:

  • Diverge Currencies: ++EUR, +CHF, -JPY, –AUD
  • Asia Events: European Council Meeting [EUR], Employment Change [AUD], CPI [CNH]

8:15 Quick scalp on AUDJPY (with TSL on)

8:54 Reverse AUDJPY

9:12 close parts of AUDJPY for breakeven

Internet disconnected
here is part 1 of the Live-stream https://youtu.be/xisUVk4Ck7I

10:58 Sell GBPJPY
accidentally sold too much (scaling out)

12:33 stop out GBPJPY

14:49 closing all AUDJPY positions.

I made a withdrawal from the account during the trade,
the usual deal map shows a 17% profit (which is not true) it’s just +1.691%

16:26 quick scalp on GBPJPY

18:02 Sell GOLD on vwap

19:14 closing GOLD (chicken out)

Total Today: +1.862%

Stream Recording

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