948 | +1.376% | GBPJPY EURJPY

bit late today... pullback time

Currency Data:

  • Diverge Currencies: ++JPY, +GBP, -CHF, –CAD
  • Asia Events: Current Account n.s.a. [JPY], Consumer Price Index [CNH]

internet was disconnected serval times, I will re-upload the whole stream recording
live elements Part I, Part III, Full recording without interruption

9:02 Sell GBPJPY
to 61% retracement, or weekly vwap or Pivot

13:57 moving stop on GBPJPY closer to vwap,
as EU session coming up, as this looked like it will fail (EU up< AU at vwap)

14:47 reversing GBPJPY

15:11 close GBPJPY on breakeven as I am clueless now 🙂

15:44 Buy EURJPY

15:53 close EURJPY

16:15 closing everything .. with a big warning

this is one of the moments where you just have to walk away.
stoping trading for today

Total Today:+1.376%

Stream Recording

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