Last day

Currency Data:

  • Diverge Currencies: ++JPY, +CHF, -AUD, –NZD
  • Asia Events: PMI [NZD], FDI [CNH]
  • Bank Holidays: ..

8:41 buy AUDJPY back to vwap

8:49 reverse AUDJPY

13:16 moving stop above vwap and scale in,
looks like this is not going to work out before Frankfurt messing it up.

14:11 placing Hedge order to fill on a new high.

14:31 reverse AUDJPY

15:47 Buy DAX

15:55 hitting close all (closed the DAX too with a tiny profit)

16:54 buy AUDUSD

17:06 Hedged partly

17:12 reverse hedge on AUDUSD

17:48 close AUDUSD at the high,
target was about 4 pips higher

19:53 Buy EURJPY

20:06 buy EURUSD

20:12 partially hedging EURJPY & scale into EURUSD

20:55 closing everything

Total Today: +0.416%

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