952 | +0.394% | EURJPY GBPJPY DAX

will skip Asia Session today!

Currency Data:

  • Diverge Currencies: ++AUD, +GBP, -EUR, –USD
  • Asia Events: Gross Domestic Product [JPY], Retail Sales [CNH]

Won’t be Streaming Asia Session.
some personal stuff to take care of, combined with family Vacation.

I may trade some Synthetics or EU/US Session later,
everything should be back to normal on Tuesday.

18:32 Sell EURJPY

18:40 Stop out EURJPY

let’s try the same on GBPJPY

17:48 late sell DAX

19:49 stop out GBPJPY

19:57 close DAX Hedge


Total Today: +0.387%

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