955 | -0.364% | GBPJPY NASDAQ

Early Start

Currency Data:

  • Diverge Currencies: ++USD, +JPY, -NZD, –GBP
  • Asia Events: Employment Change [AUD], EU leaders summit [EUR]

8:19 Sell GBPJPY

8:45 nothing is gonna happen
as SL & TP is really far away, going out for some Smokes & Catfood

11:49 moving SL on GBPJPY just 3.5 pips,
the structure is still valid, setting TP at 137.044

13:28 quick scalp on the NASDAQ

13:36 stop out NASDAQ

15:09 reversing GBPJPY

15:42 went right back down, taking the loss and calling it a day.

Total Today: -0.364%

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