almost weekened

Currency Data:

  • Diverge Currencies: ++AUD, +CAD, -USD, –GBP
  • Asia Events: Business NZ PMI [NZD], European Council Meeting [EUR/GBP]

9:23 late sell in GBPJPY
this will probably go up first.

10:29 quick Sell on BTCUSD
no real resistance here, just vWap

11:12 exit BTCUSD on target

11:23 Sell USDJPY

11:46 close USDJPY and GBPJPY

11:48 re-Sell BTC

11:54 Sell NIKKEI

12:27 looks like some Liquidity grab is going on on BTC,
hedging and scaling in heavy.

12:39 close NIKKEI Shorts

13:26 closing everything .. scaling didn’t work taking the loss

13:39 Buy EURJPY on vWap

15:28 closing EURJPY

15:33 Sell DAX on vwap for opening volatility

16:22 close DAX

the profit on the deal map isn’t correct, I made a withdrawal from the account mid-trade

23:14 lill bit scalping the DAX

Total Today: +0.322%

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