1032 | +0.129% | USDCAD AUDJPY DAX

Session Data:
Divergences (12H): +USD +EUR -JPY -AUD
Asia Events: Eurogroup Meeting [EUR], Retail Sales [CNH]
Bank Holidays: Greece, Hungary, Mexico 

10:07 Sell USDCAD

10:42 Sell AUDJPY on support
(YES iam that dumb) 😛

11:21 Stopout USDCAD

11:54 re-sell USDCAD to the vwap

11:59 changed my mind on USDCAD as EUR just hit the vwap
closing USDCAD and scale in to AUDJPY

13:49 closing everything

16:12 Sell DAX off vWap

18:16 close DAX

Total Today: +0.129%

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