1041 | +1.047% | BTCUSD GBPJPY

Session Data:
Asia Events: European Council Meeting [EUR=zone], Tokyo Consumer Price Index [JPY]
Divergences (12H): ++JPY +GBP -EUR -CAD

09:22 Buy BTCUSD off the 200MA (h4)

10:03 buy GBPJPY off the vwap

10:24 hedging BTCUSD

accidentally sold 2 BTC instead of 0.2 .. that will hurt in a moment!

11:26 close BTC as I massively messed up the hedge swing down
made money .. (but dumb money)

11:34 close GBPJPY

13:09 quick scalp on BTC on the retest of previous Resistance.

15:02 Buy GBPJPY off vwap for a quick scalp

15:09 stop out GBPJPY

15:31 BTC did not pick up my scale in order at the vwap, making this not very profitable 3 hours.

calling it a week with a 1+% Profit

Total Today: +1.047%

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