1064 | +0.437% | USDCAD AUDUSD DAX

Session Data:
Asia Events: Consumer Price Index [AUD], 
Divergences (12H): +EUR, +USD, -AUD, -JPY

10:59 Buy USDCAD

11:04 Sell AUDUSD

11:28 USDCAD Hedge filled

11:47 stop out USDCAD Buy

12:10 close AUDJPY

12:17 close USDCAD for a small loss

12:32 quick revenge scalp on USDCAD to nearby Support

14:27 close AUDUSD early on minor support
the original target was 0.77118

15:06 re-sell AUDUSD

16:32 quick scalp on the DAX
missed the exit.

17:08 re-buy DAX

17:14 close AUDJPY Sells

18:21 close DAX

Total Today: +0.437%

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