1065 | +1.157% | GBPJPY GBPUSD DAX

Session Data:
EU Events: Germany Unemployment [EUR]
Divergences (12H): ++CAD +NZD -EUR -JPY --USD

10:32 Buy GBPJPY
(not sure this is a good idea)

12:24 Sell vWap on GBPUSD

12:45 Hedging GBPUSD
(Set SL for Sells above shoulder pattern)

12:54 adding to GBPUSD hedge (double) & GBPJPY

13:33 enable TSL on GBPUSD

13:36 stop out GBPUSD

13:36 close GBPJPY 7 pips before the target


21:38 lill bit scalping the DAX in the US Session

Total Today: +1.157%

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