Session Data:
US Events: Initial Jobless Claims [USD]
Divergences (12H): +USD +JPY -EUR -CAD

6:08 Sell EURJPY
(very small early entry)

8:43 sell AUDUSD on vWap

8:57 start to buy AUDUSD

9:26 sell BTCUSD

9:07 stop out AUDUSD Sells / Closing EURJPY Sells

9:33 double Stoploss on AUDUSD

10:13 close BTCUSD Shorts

19:25 Buy EURUSD & Sell AUDUSD on vWap

21:12 stop out AUDUSD

21:28 buy USDCHF (probably not works either)

21:55 stop out USDCHF

22:10 start to sell into EURUSD, buy AUDUSD on vwap

22:33 stop out AUDUSD and EURUSD Buy’s
scaling into EURUSD Sells

0:38 taking the loss on EURUSD as support seems to hold

**off stream**

1:15 Closing DAX shorts

Total Today: 0%

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