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Session Data:
Asia Events: Consumer Inflation Expectations [AUD] 

Bank Holidays: Portugal

Divergences (12H):

10:16 Sell USDCAD
wanted to buy AUDUSD actually,
but it seems to be at some resistance too,
now I found the same support on USDCAD
let’s see how that plays out (taking this trade small)

10:52 Sell BTC

11:03 Sell GBPJPY

11:55 close GBPJPY as indices start to gain momentum

12:24 late exit on USDCAD

14:11 power failure .. about to get cut off the Stream by Electricity.
closing all trades and shutting stuff down here.
sorry guys

-Welcome to Thailand- (i guess haha)

15:03 closing BTC on Mobile

Total Today: 0%

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