1096 | +0.066% | AUDJPY BTC EURJPY

Session Data:
Asia Events: PMI [NZD] , G7 Meeting [EU-Zone] 

EU Events: GDP [GBP] 

Divergences (12H): +AUD +GBP +JPY -EUR -USD

9:02 Sell AUDJPY

10:14 start buying into AUDJPY Sells

10:37 Sell BTC (stop above Pivot)

11:37 starting to buy BTC
there is not much room to next resistance (need to add some size)

11:39 stop out BTC Sells

12:39 manually close AUDJPY Sells and scale into Buys

13:23 I’m confused, enable TSL on BTC and scale in AUDJPY

13:37 buy EURJPY on vwap

13:48 stop out EURJPY

13:58 stop out BTC with ALOT of slippage

14:12 closing AUDJPY buys

the mind is polluted with bad ideas…
I’ll stop trading now before this turns into an expensive day.

16:21 quick scalp on BTC via Mobile

Total Today: 0%

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