1156 | +2.315% | NASDAQ GBPJPY

Asia Events Retail Sales [AUD]
EU Events PMI [EUR-Zone], Retail Sales [EUR]
US Events Non-Farm Payrolls [USD], PMI [USD]

Having some computer issues,
will be live


12:54 Buy NASDAQ on vwap

13:36 Buy GBPJPY on vwap

15:57 scale in on GBPJPY and NASDAQ on Vwap and Pivot
(before news)

16:10 close cover trade on NASDAQ for a tiny loss

16:26 reverse cover trade on GBPJPY for a small loss

17:02 stop out GBPJPY

17:34 last scale in on NASDAQ
(need this trade to be over before NFP)

19:30 NFP caused a large spike, resulting in significant slippage in my favor

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