1180 | +0.532% | GBPJPY EURJPY DAX

Asia Events Kuroda Speech [JPY], Retail Sales [CNH]
EU Events industrial Production [EUR-Zone], Unemployment [CHF]
Bank Holidays China, Iran, Laos

8:34 early buy GBPJPY
(it may go down more first)

9:32 start to sell GBPJPY

12:04 buy EURJPY

12:20 closing all Buy Positions

12:20 scaling into GBPJPY Sells

12:24 enable TSL on sells (in case this is a fakeout)

13:05 it was a fakeout! taking the double loss on GBPJPY

13:05 Reversing DAX

21:31 closing DAX

please ignore the percentage values on the last screenshot,
I made a large withdrawal on the trading account, that’s why these numbers are incorrect.


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