1220 | -0.252% | EURJPY EURUSD DAX

EU Events Retail Sales [CHF], Unemployment [EUR-ES/IT (Zone)]
US Events Jobless claims [USD]

You can Profit from this activity, 75% Profit-split & Drawdown protection!

12:33 Sell EURJPY

13:47 Sell EURUSD on vwap

USDCAD still falling pretty strong, the EUR trades may not work out,
adding small hedge on EURJPY

14:01 stop out EURJPY

14:35 quick buy on DAX

14:42 close all on weekly vwap .. (wil re-enter DAX Buys)

15:11 got whipsawed (twice) on DAX .. taking the loss and calling it a day!

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