1249 | -0.269% | AUDUSD BTC NASDAQ

Asia Events Consumer Confidence [AUD],  
EU Events Inflation Rate [GBP], Unemployment [EUR-Gr]

You can Profit from this activity, 75% Profit-split & Drawdown protection!

9:24 Sell AUDUSD
(proper daytrade as I’ll not be here for the first 2 hours)

15:17 scaling in AUDUSD in vWap retest
move stop to 0.72204

16:41 clueless, setting new stop on AUDUSD
to 0.72118 (above on intraday resistance)

17:14 sell BTCUSD (quick scalp)

17:22 stop out AUDUSD

17:34 quick scalp short on NASDAQ

17:59 stop out NASDAQ

18:07 stop out BTC on breakeven (TSL)

18:07 buy NQ (quick scalp)

18:24 closing everything .. 0% win rate today. better stop trading!


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