1250 | +0.131% | USDCAD AUDJPY DAX

Asia Events Trade Balance [JPY], Unemployment [AUD]
EU Events PPI [EUR-DE], Interest Rates [MYR], Biz Confidence [EUR-Fr]
US Events Jobless Claims [USD], Employment Change [CAD]

You can Profit from this activity, 75% Profit-split & Drawdown protection!

12:40 Sell USDCAD

12:46 Buy AUDJPY

14:17 tiny bit of scaling on both USDCAD and AUDJPY
(i may just exit, as the vwap(s) seem to hold)

14:40 manually closing AUDJPY on a pre-target
the original target was: 82.922

17:39 quick Scalp on DAX to the Pivot

17:57 enable TSL on USDCAD

17:59 stop out DAX

20:54 closing USDCAD sells on 61% Retracement.

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