1285 | +0.181% | DAX EURUSD GBPUSD

Asia Events -/-
EU Events Inflation [EUR-De], Trade Balance [GBP], Retail Sales [EUR-Fr]

You can Profit from this activity, 75% Profit-split & Drawdown protection!

11:54 Sell DAX

12:12 small EURUSD Buy with Sells below vwap

12:21 Sells filled on EURUSD

12:29 manually closing EURUSD Buy positions

12:48 stop out DAX

13:16 sell GBPUSD on vwap

13:26 stop out GBPUSD

14:02 close EURUSD Sells
Hoping to piggybag on the GBP momentum a little bit

14:26 buy GBPUSD on vwap

14:57 stop out GBPUSD and EURUSD Hedges

15:13 closing EURUSD shorts before the target
USDCAD was on the vwap and appeared to had some issues crossing,
also, USDCAD was technically a shell at this point,
which may result in the USD going down, pushing EUR up
so i left some profits and take the safe exit.

another note to add is that the hedge was rather large,
but most of the distance was covered in both directions, eliminating the immediate risk.
the downside of doing this is (of course) that I could only capitalize on 16 of the total 29 Pips.

  • everything has its price!


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