1303 | -0.031% | GBPJPY AUDUSD DAX

Asia Events PMI [CNH]
EU Events PMI [GBP], PMI [EUR-De] Consumer Confidence [EUR-Es]

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10:26 Sell GBPJPY
this is looking “kind of bullish” -> not sure about it

11:22 Sell AUDUSD on vwap

12:09 close AUDUSD early

12:09 starting to buy GBPJPY on vwap with a 3.2 pip stop

need to reset the UPS, ill be back in a sec on stream

12:14 Back Online!
GBPJPY sells got stop out while the computers were rebooting

13:31 double whipsaw on GBPJPY
didn’t account for Frankfurt opening volatility, calling it a day.
bad mindset already + and it’s my daughter’s birthday…

15:45 quick sell on DAX

15:57 scaling out on DAX (seems to create a Flag)

17:30 scaling back in on lower High

18:09 close everything (almost paid for the losses)
level lining up with the low from March 24


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