1331 | +0.193% | GBPUSD NASDAQ

Asia Events PPI [JPY], Industrial Production/Unemployment [CNH]
EU Events EU Commission Spring Report [EUR]

You can Profit from this activity, 75% Profit-split & Drawdown protection!

I’m completely clueless,
its the first day in months where i have literally no idea.
keep in mind the 7-sec rule!
the next setup is probably me “looking too hard”


12:51 Sell GBPUSD

14:05 casually qualified for Live trading with an ETH scalp

17:18 scaling into GBPUSD on the vwap
will also move the stop lower.

17:28 quick short scalp on the NASDAQ
also moving stop down on GBPUSD

17:33 stop out GBPUSD

17:51 add more size and enable TSL on NASDAQ from 12358.07

17:58 small hedge buy on NASDAQ,
plastering some Buy stops if it’s deciding to break out.
it’s spending a bit “too much time” on the vwap
that usually means it will be broken soon.

19:24 stop out NASDAQ Sells

19:31 close everything with a small overall profit
as US News coming in (which does not really “healthy”

19:34 NASDAQ went straight to the target…
well better save than sorry, that could easy have gone the other way

alright, add a quick Singal forGBPUSD shorts and call it a day

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