1348 | +0.239% | EURJPY NASDAQ DAX

Asia Events GDP [JPY]
EU Events Unemployment [CHF, EUR-Zone]

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9:16 Buy EURJPY

9:49 Buy NASDAQ (just a scalp)

10:14 stop out NASDAQ

10:16 hedging EURJPY, moving stop on buys down to 141.97

10:20 stop out EURJPY buys
I didn’t have the chance to actually move the stop

12:58 quick scaling in and out EURJPY to Frankfurt opening via Mobile

13:06 Buy DAX via Mobile as well
(probably a bad idea, as this just doubled the exposure)

13:22 scaling out EURJPY Buys

13:33 Target reached on DAX
i may just take profit on EURJPY as well

13:44 closing EURJPY manually via Mobile
original target was 142.596
news are about to come up, and I can’t really map a target on the mobile anyway

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