1351 | +0.157% | EURJPY NASDAQ GBPUSD

Asia Events -/-
EU Events Industrial Production [GBP]
Bank Holidays Australia, India

You can Profit from this activity, 75% Profit-split & Drawdown protection!

8:25 everything kinda dropping,
selling EURJPY with a large Stop

10:31 Buy NASDAQ

11:10 JPY spiked, moving stop and enable TSL on EURJPY

11:45 quick scalp on GBPUSD

11:54 closing NASDAQ Buys early

12:14 close EURJPY

12:18 quick short scalp on NASDAQ

13:03 closing GBPUSD before SL
(news pushed it below)

15:03 closing most of the NASDAQ Shorts

15:09 scaling back in on the shorts

15:15 closing scalp scale-ins on NASDAQ

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