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Asia Events BOJ Interest Rates [JPY]
EU Events Inflation Rate [EUR-Zone], CPI [EUR-Zone] 

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12:46 wakeup late
worked till 4 am last night
noting to trade … will wait

13:18 quick buy AUDJPY
this may fail as the USD seems to be strong following news
i was actually planning on selling EURJPY once it passes vWap

13:39 stop out AUDJPY on News

14:02 re-enter

15:22 continuing scaling in and starting buy,
to have it hedged around the 94.1 level

16:14 stop out AUDJPY Sell
AUD is still below, may take profit on Buy positions when AUD touches vwap

16:26 quick FOMO scaling via Mobile

16:39 looks like the USD getting stronger, moving stop on AUDJPY to 94.137

16:41 considering taking the loss (overall here) as GBP is dropping strongly

16:46 scaling in (small) on AUDJPY as DAX about to hit the vwap

16:48 just open an M15 chart on AUDJPY,
it looks like I missed a recent high and the price is going back down now.
in order to test this theory, I have to let the position go into an additional loss.

17:24 AUD struggles to keep up, as the USD pressure gets greater
Indicies are still bullish, but that is likely not enough.

18:07 AUDJPY making a vwap run?
scaling in while stuck in traffic.

16:36 scaling out majority position on M15 structure

18:51 AUD just made a new Low, closing everything, my mind is in other places anyway. which makes it even harder to make money.

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