Asia Events Loan Rates [CNH]
EU Events PPI [EUR-De], Construction Output [EUR-Zone]
Bank Holidays United States

You can Profit from this activity, 75% Profit-split & Drawdown protection!

8:02 Sell EURJPY
probably wasn’t the smartest place for the Stop at 142.195

9:41 scale in on EURJPY
the strong momentum on EUR likeely make this one fail,
enable TSL for this one.

10:40 closing EURJPY Sells

11:12 quick scalp on AUDJPY
(could retest vwap which will already invalidate the scalp)

will stop the stream after this trade,
and stream again late EU early US session today

NEW Stream starts here!

16:39 Buy GBPJPY on vwap

16:58 quick scalp on the DAX

17:34 closing both DAX and GBPJPY on micro resistance
likely going higher Target on DAX was 13209 and GBPJPY 165.40

17:39 quick momentum scalp to get over the 0.1% (so i can have a green Youtube thumb 🙂 )

Stream Recording

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