1358 | +0.231% | GBPUSD GBPJPY

Asia Events BOJ Meeting Minutes [JPY]
EU Events Inflation Rate [GBP]

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8:08 sell GBPUSD on vwap

8:42 adding Sell limit at 1.22627 in case it goes back into the structure

12:16 scaling in and move stops on GBPUSD

12:21 place sell limits on DAX (near R1 and vwap)

12:53 DAX went down without testing upper resistance/vwap
canceling orders.

12:56 move stops on GPUSD as well
will exit early (not really want it to go into drawdown on a pullback
better to sell again when it goes back up

13:02 GBP hit the first target, but I didn’t scale out,
i may regret that in a minute or two

13:06 quick scalp on GBPJPY

13:26 scaling GBPJPY on Pivot and GBPUSD on vwap

13:36 closing everything as Volatility picks up
The original target on GBPUSD of 1.21964 is still valid

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