1376 | +0.189% | EURJPY

Asia Events Home Sales [AUD]
EU Events Unemployment [EUR-Gr]
Holidays Japan,

You can Profit from this activity, 75% Profit-split & Drawdown protection!

starting early today with a very small position
having a Cardio Clinic Appointment (will be back to EU Session)

5:30 Buy EURJPY
very small size as I will leave in a moment

guess a Monday morning appointment wasn’t the smartest idea

7:20 scaling in small on EURJPY as price testing the au-lows

8:03 small scale on EURJPY and mobile charting

11:42 going back home, moving stop via mobile to 139.252

13:58 finally arrived back on my place,
moving stop to 139.35 and scale in since price just bounced off support, and rent straight trough vWap

14:10 GBPJPY smashed right into TP while updating the blog

16:25 quick vWap scalp (very small size) on EURJPY
(the “I told you so trade” 🙂

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