Asia Events Trade Balance [NZD], Interest Rates [JPY], Home Sales [AUD]
EU Events FDI [CNH], Bussiness Confidence [EUR-Fr], Interest Rates [EUR-Zone]
US Events Jobless Claims [USD]

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9:17 Buy AUDJPY

10:04 Japanese Interest rate decition spiked
(scaling in on the down move)

10:41 moving stop on AUDJPY to 95.027
(looks like the momentum is gone and we going back down)

12:28 move stop to 95.125

13:03 quick vwap scalp on GBPJPY

13:28 scaling in on AUDJPY and GBPJPY one last time (vwap)
moving stops a but higher below structure as well.

13:52 looks like the Yen Weakness is not playing out as expected.
moving stop higher on AUDJPY

honestly, it feels like I better take profit (0.04%) and wait for a better setup.

14:18 quick scalp on EURUSD (very small size)

14:47 stop out EURUSD

15:01 quick short scalp on NASDAQ

15:05 stop out GBPJPY

15:07 stop out AUDJPY

Call it a day .. NASDAQ covered most of the loss, but the mind is not in a good state!

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