Asia Events Home Loans [AUD], Interest Rates [AUD]
EU Events Housing Prices [GBP], PMI [CHF], Consumer Confidence [EUR-Es]

You can Profit from this activity, 75% Profit-split & Drawdown protection!

6:55 Sell AUDJPY

7:17 Sell EURUSD

7:23 Sell AUDUSD

7:33 Close AUDJPY

7:36 Stop out EURUSD

8:51 re-enter AUDJPY Sells

some windows drama (have to restart Computer & stream)

9:34 double AUDJPY position and move the stop to 91.990

9:57 scale in AUDUSD on vwap

10:24 move stop above vwap and scale in

10:29 enable TSL on AUDJPY

10:33 stop out AUDJPY
I may should have give it more room,
but scaled too large on the vwap

10:48 quick scalp on NASDAQ

11:29 close NASDAQ before the news

11:18 close AUDUSD on extended target

Stream Recording

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