Asia Events Unemployment [NZD], PMI [JPY, CNH]
EU Events PMI [EUR], Retail Sales [EUR-Zone]

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9:29 buy vwap GBPJPY

9:36 cTrader update was just installed.
Let’s see if things get even worse 🙂

9:51 stop out GBPJPY

10:06 quick scalp to the Pivot (ish) on NASDAQ
(late entry, negative RR)

12:18 quick scalp on AUDJPY

12:22 AUDJPY Sell was probably a bad idea.
Placing hedge orders above vwap

12:29 stop out AUDJPY Buys

12:59 small scale in prior to the news

13:04 close AUDJPY Hedge buys in profit

13:06 vwap buy GBPUSD
the structure is very far away so the position isn’t very large

13:25 moving stop 20 pips higher on GBPUSD

13:46 place Buy Limit on DAX near vwap
& at Asia opening level

13:56 closing GBPUSD manually
(that was probably a bad idea 4 minutes before Frankfurt open)

14:00 Buy AUDJPY on vwap

14:03 stopout DAX

14:12 guess the GBP decision on my part wasn’t the smartest one…

14:21 close AUDJPY on Target

14:30 buy CAC prior to news

cTrader keeps crashing!!
thanks Developers for the great new “features”
Closing EURJPY positions, via Mobile as I have no SL set for those.

Let’s try cTrader 4.3 directly from Spotware

15:36 re-entering EURJPY Buy (with proper SL now)

16:12 close EURJPY early

16:14 closing everything as NASDAQ surpasses the first level
the final target was 12956.93

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